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LECTURE NO.2 (AB SALGADO)- Concept of Mental Health
LECTURE NO.3 (AB SALGADO)- Classification in Psychiatry
LECTURE NO.4 (AB SALGADO)- Role of A Psychiatric Nurse
LECTURE NO.5 (AB SALGADO)- Nursing Process in Psychiatric Nursing
LECTURE NO.7 (AB SALGADO)- Aetiology of Mental Illnesses
LECTURE NO.8 (AB SALGADO)- Crisis Intervention
LECTURE NO.9 (AB SALGADO)- Psychological Therapies
LECTURE NO.10 (AB SALGADO) - Psychopharmacology
LECTURE NO.11 (AB SALGADO) - Electroconvulsive Therapy
LECTURE NO.12 (AB SALGADO) - Psychiatric Rehabilitation
LECTURE NO.13 (AB SALGADO)- Cognitive Impairment Disorders
LECTURE NO.14 (AB SALGADO) - Schizophrenia and Related Disorders
LECTURE NO.15 (AB SALGADO)- Mood Disorders
LECTURE NO.17 (AB SALGADO) - Personality Disorders
LECTURE NO.19 (AB SALGADO)- Patients with Aggressive Behaviour
LECTURE NO.21 (AB SALGADO)- Medico-Legal Issues in Psychiatry
LECTURE NO.22 (AB SALGADO) - Community Psychiatry


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